We are dedicated to establish ourselves as the leading global brand

Our goal at Copen United is to create a high standard of performance to enable us to maintain a leadership position in the Pocketing, Lining, and Waistbanding Industry. We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the leading global brand in our field. Our primary objective is to continue to supply innovative products to the major apparel brands throughout the world.

Copen United is committed to protecting the environment as well as our global community. We are continually looking for ways to improve our impact on sustainability.

COPEN Waistbands

We produce a wide range of waistbands, printed waistbands, customized size and construction, woven tapes, insert piping, bias binding, and other value added products.

Waistband styles can be both traditional and fancy, it can be constructed with piping or composed with many different components such as grippers, silicone, woven tape, printed / yarn dyed logo tape which suit different styles of garments.

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COPEN Pocketing

Pocketing is a small piece of fabric on a pant or jeans but it is a very important component that its function and existence have huge importance. A luxurious or a well branded pant or jean, if a bad or unsuitable pocketing is used will ruin the whole pant and jean. A proper pocketing fabric used on the right pant or jean would make it more attractive and would add value to the product.

Copen is more than 70 years in the pocketing business, with such a long history in this business we have a wide range of products that we can supply to our customers. We have pocketing fabric in different weave like plain weaved, twill weaved and herringbone weaved. We also have different weight of products that would be suitable to different types of pants and jeans. We can supply pocketing fabrics in different colors and we can also supply pocketing fabrics in stripes and checks. We can also do different prints on our fabric that can be used on the pants and jeans.

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COPEN Lining Fabrics

Being very successful as the interior designers of pants and jeans for 70 years, the management of Copen had also looked into the possibilities to be the interior designers of coats and jackets. The chance came in 2014 when 2 management persons from a reputable German lining company joined Copen. With their market and product knowledge in lining and with the huge sourcing and marketing network of Copen in China and Asia, it proved that Copen can also do very well in lining fabrics. The main lining fabric Copen supplies ranges from 100% Viscose, Polyester/Viscose, 100% Polyester, Polyester Spandex as well mechanical stretch items, Nylon, Nylon Spandex etc... We do products from solid dyed, printed, jacquards to yarn dyed stripe and checks.

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Global Partners & Clients

Sustainability in COPEN

Sustainability is a key philosophy for the management of Copen to determine our expansion and development policies. We also put plenty of effort to develop our products to be as sustainable as possible.

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