Sustainabilty is a key philosophy guiding our expansion and development policies.
Our goal is to continually upgrade our products to make them fully sustainable.

We are dedicated to being instrumental in changing all polyester blended fabrics into using Re-cycled polyester wherever possible.

Our Company philosophy is :
Saving the planet ......One pocket at a time

Sustainable / Functional Pioneer -Encore Series

Our goal is to use recycled polyester and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) whenever possible. We are working very closely with largest account to continuously develop this strategy.

Polyester is in most of our product but this is also one of the material that is not good for our planet. Polyester is a material that cannot be decomposed. In the modern world, the use of polyester is not avoidable and is part of our life. Any means that can reuse of re-cycled the polyester that is disposed is good for the world and environment. In the last few years, with the advancement is technology, fiber companies are able to use used plastic bottles that is disposed and reuse them to produce polyester filament yarns and fibers.

Pocketing fabric by which most of our fabric is more than 50% polyester is the best way to consume the re-cycled yarns and fiber. In 2012, Copen made an agreement with one of the biggest re-cycled yarn and fiber supplier Unifi in USA to use their re-cycled fiber to produce pocketing fabric is China. We branded our pocketing to be “Encore”. We promoted our Encore pocketing to all the well-known brands in the United States and Europe. Nowadays, most of the retailers and brands are asking for their pocketing to have certain % of re-cycled polyester material and we are one of the main suppliers to all these brands.
As a pioneer and well-known supplier of using re-cycled polyester yarns and fiber in our products, we are now cooperating with more producers in re-cycled material like Sunkong, Far Eastern Etc. and is also producing lining fabric using re-cycled yarns.

Waterless finishing

Water is one of the most precious resources in the world. traditional dyeing and finishing of fabric consumes a large amount of water , we are always working to finish our fabric with less or no water . Our V-yarn is stronger and more durable than traditional polyester by more than 70% , there are three qualities in V-series , TARANTO , ANCOMA and ENNA .

Less Water for Dyed To Match

Our company does not encourage our customers to used too many Dye to Match Pocketing on their pants as anything which dyeing is involved would have some bad impact on the environment. The company has a joint venture to dyeing facilities in China where equipped air flow dyeing machines. Our hope is to dye colors using no water at all . We are on the project . We also looking into the possibilities to produce Dye to Match Pocketing that does not need any water at all. Dyeing without water means that we have to create a new range of pocketing fabric made by special materials.