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Reliable with Quality in Mind

Copen is a global company that has been supplying fabrics for more than 75 years , We are among the largest suppliers of pocketing , waistband and lining in the world . We supply pocketing , waistband and lining to the world's major brands , some of largest accounts are Levi, American Eagle, Abercrombie. VF, PVH, Ralph Lauren, Lucky Brand , Tommy Hilfiger , G-Star, CK, GAP , Banana Republic , Brooks Brothers and Rag & Bone , etc. ...
Our Collection includes … yarn dyes, prints, dobbys, jacquards and various special finishes which are sold to the major brands worldwide

Production is mainly located in Northern and Southern China. The liaison offices around the globe are well positioned to provide on-time delivery and service to our customers.

Our Mission

To create a high Standard of Performance to enable us to maintain a leadership position in the Pocketing, Waistband and Lining Industry. We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the leading global brand in our field. We strive to supply innovative products worldwide.

Copen United is committed to protecting the environment within our Global Community. We continue to look for ways to to improve our impact on Sustainability

We are focused on providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees

“ Saving the planet... ”


The company's goal is to use recycled polyester and BCI-Better Cotton Initiative whenever possible . We are working very closely with largest account to continuously develop this strategy . Our company philosophy is :

Saving the planet ......one pocket at a time

Functional Pioneer - Encore Series

The main material that is used for producing pocketing is Cotton and Polyester/Cotton. Factually, Polyester/Cotton is the main material in most of our products. The reason to use polyester with cotton on our product is that most of our customers have certain physical standard that our product need to perform. They have requirements in tear strength, tensile strength and pilling by which only when polyester is added to cotton can our product pass their requirements. Read more