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Lining Division

In 2014 , the company decided to bring our expertise to the lining filed , with our large sourcing and marketing network in Asia , we have been able to create a formidable collection of lining fabrics .Today the division is headquartered in New York City , We supply linings and filament fabrics to the major brands in mens, womens and industrial , non apparel markets. Our range of fabric are Yarn dyes, Prints, Jaquards, and Novelties. Performance fabrics are a large part of the collection including……Stretch, Wicking, Cooling, Antimicrobials as well as RFID Block.

Sustainable and Functional Lining Fabrics

Like in the field of pocketing, Copen also emphasize a lot in producing a big range of lining fabric using re-cycled polyester yarns. Copen is using re-cycled polyester yarns from Unifi Textiles, Far Eastern Industries and Shinkong Synthetic Fiber Corp. We are also making downproof linings using re-cycled polyester yarns.
Functional lining is another item we are putting a lot of emphasize on. We are supplying a lining fabric called Uber Cool Deodorant which is fast absorption of sweat and also quick drying. In addition, we also have fabric call Uber Plus Real Heat. This is a lining fabric which keeps people warm by retending heat in the body.

Lining Fabric for Uniform which is Antimony Free

Copen is selling big quantities of linings for uniforms. We are selling to many people making uniforms for airline. Copen is one of the pioneer of making antimony free linings in China. Antimony oxide is used globally as catalyst in polyester fibre and filament yarn production processes. There have been concerns that small quantities of this antimony compounds can dissolve out of the textiles through sweat and can be absorbed vis respiratory tract or skin, which can cause irritation of eyes, skin and lungs especially for sensitive people. Due to this, some airlines need the polyester fabric used in the lining to be antimony free. Copen developed a range of lining fabric that can be antimony free.