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Pocketing is a small part of a Pant or Jean but it is a very important component of the garment that has a large effect on the design and quality of the pant. For the past 75 years Copen has been supplying a wide range of pocketing products to our customers Pocketing is woven in several different weaves……Twill, Plain, Herringbone Sateen etc. they come in different weights and colors, all made to harmonize with the garment. Prints and Yarn Dyes are very much part of the Inner beauty of the garment …….for not a lot of additional cost..

Pocketing Technology

The apparel industry is rapidly ever changing, faster than ever before. Today, the pocketing must follow the Technology of the garment. When the shell fabric is Super Stretch, the pocketing must also Stretch, as in our Frisbee range. When the world started to look at Sustainability, we developed our Encore range of pocketing using re-cycled polyester. Today it represents 50% of our collection. Currently, we are supplying Knits, Mesh, RFID Block, Anti Bacteria, Heat Insulating and Quick Drying fabrics..

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing team is situated globally in every major garment producing country .They are trained and professional , able to assist our customers in finding and designing the right pocketing for their pants or jeans.

Rocketing Expertises

Our Design and Technical team is available to support our Product Developments. They all have a textile engineering background in woven and knit fabrics. This enables us to have a wide range of pocketing fabrications…wovens, knits, yarn dyes, prints, colors, embossing etc.